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Most of the activities in and around the Grand Canyon would quality more as tours than attractions. The biggest attraction is the Canyon itself. Take time and walk the scenic routes as the canyon looks very different from each viewpoint. If you have a good 1/2 day, hike down either the Bright Angel Trail or the Kaibab Trail and view the canyon from below the rim.

IMAX Theater
Just outside the Grand Canyon in Tucasayan, you'll find an IMAX theater. Check online for their current film and show times.

Grand Canyon Skywalk
You can literally “walk the sky” at the Havasupai glass bridge which is buitl to extend over the edge of the grand canyon. You will walk out at 4,000 feet above the Colorado River.

At the time of this writing, the fee is $30 per person. You cannot bring personal belongings, including cameras, are on the bridge. This prohibition is to prevent items from falling into the canyon or onto the glass. To get to the Skywalk from the South Rim, go south on AZ-64 for 56 miles. Then west on I-40 to Kingman for 116 miles. Then travel north on Stockton Hill Road for 42 miles and turn right (North) on to Pierce Ferry Road. After 7 miles, turn right (east) onto Diamond Bar Road. After 21 miles, the signs will become obvious. South on US-93 toward Phoenix 32 miles Go over Hoover Dam and continue South on US-93 40 miles Left turn (North) on to Pierce Ferry Road 28 miles Right turn (East) on to Diamond Bar Road 21 miles

This is a Hanna-Barbera sanctioned Flintstone-themed amusement park. The park has fun-for-all-ages and features a prehistoric playground full of adventures for fans of the Flintsone's cartoon: Fred, Barney and the gang. The park was built in 1972 and features a street full of stone-age buildings, a Fredmobile tram that takes you through a volcano and the Bedrock Theater, which plays (what else?) Flintstones cartoons. There is also a campground in the complex.

Quick Look - Hotels Near The Grand Canyon

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  • Red Feather Lodge
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  • The Grand Hotel
    Enjoy gateway access to the Grand Canyon and a variety of reactional activities at the Grand Hotel...more
  • Williams Hotels
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  • Flagstaff Hotels
    It's an hour and a half drive to the rim but there is a great selection of hotels in Flagstaff for any budget or need...more

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